All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten, and other allergens are present!

Due to the nature of our business we cannot guarantee that food prepared in our kitchen is free from allergenic ingredients. If your allergy is severe we always advise to not place an order with us and prepare your own food.

If you have any queries regarding allergen information please email us at help@prepfood.co.uk

Our chefs create fresh, mouthwatering meals for our customers, that are highly nutritious. When eating a PrepFood meal, you can rest assured knowing that our meals are healthy and ‘clean’, and have been cooked under the strictest conditions. Whatever your goals are, we have a meal plan to suit you.

We get this question a lot, and in all honesty, our meals are designed for any and everybody. Our customer base is extremely diverse. Whether you’re a busy parent who doesn’t have time to cook the dinner, you’re trying to lose weight, you’re sick of eating unhealthy lunches at the office or you’re an elite athlete; we provide the meals you want and need.

What you eat is arguably the most important factor to leading a healthy lifestyle. We like working alongside our customers, knowing that we are helping them achieve their goals.

PrepFood is designed for you, so are you ready to start your journey?

Our meals consist of three elements: proteins, carbs and veg. Depending on the meal plan you choose, the protein element will include everything from chicken, salmon to steak. Examples of the carbs in our meals would be sweet potato, rice, new potatoes and noodles. Our veggies are broccoli as standard, then a mix of our root veg, med veg, with an onion and lemon garnish topping. All the meal plans include a mix of the three elements. You get one type of protein, one type of carb and a mix of veg.

Protein + Carb + Veg = PrepFood Meal

The proteins/carbs/veg that you get will vary depending on what meal plan, pack or individual meal you choose. For details on what specific meals you will receive, please refer to our meal plans.

For example, if you order 10 meals, you will get a x number of chicken meals, x number of salmon meals, x number of turkey meals, as described on our meal plans. Your veg is broccoli as standard in all meals and for a split mix of med veg or root veg. Carbs will be a healthy selection that we put together for you. So one of your meals may be chicken, rice and veg. If there are any certain proteins, carbs or vegetables that you don’t eat, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate this into your meals.

  1. Place your order -  Have a look through our meal plans. Choose from our individual meals, meal plans or packs and place your order. You can either do a single transaction, or set up a direct debit to get consistent meals.
  2. Cooking time - our chefs will work their magic and cook your food.
  3. Delivery - once your food has been cooked, we will send your food out for delivery.
  4. Eat, eat, eat - when you receive our tasty dishes, we recommend you eat them within three days, or you freeze them down to preserve the PrepFood goodness! Our dishes can be eaten either hot or cold.

We recommend that our meals are eaten within 3 days of when you recieve delivery, and that they are kept refrigerated. If you plan to eat your meals after this time period, please ensure that you freeze the meals upon arrival to lock in the PrepFood goodness! Fresh natural Food with no added preservatives (or anythings) doesn't last long.

Our meals can be eaten either hot or cold. This makes them perfect for eating from the comfort of your home, or whilst you are on the go. We recommend that our meals are warmed up before consumption so you can enjoy the full range of flavours our chefs have worked their magic with!

Not only do we use the finest lean meats and freshest ingredients, we have a militant cooking procedure to ensure that your meals are cooked as healthily as possible.

We use the finest oils where oils are needed, but try our best to keep the use of this to a minimum. You can rest assured knowing that PrepFood meals have no added salts or sugars in them.

We provide great portion sizes so you don’t have to worry about under or over eating, with a healthy protein/carb/veg ratio.

Our chefs understand the importance food plays in achieving results, and they always keep this in mind when cooking your meals.

Yes we are! Our social media handles are:

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Simply order 2 meals packs to be delivered on different days.

We deliver on Sunday's and Wednesday's.

Example: You want 12 meals per week Monday to Saturday based on x2 meals per day but you don't want the inconvenience of freezing your food down. Order 6 meals to be delivered on a Sunday and 6 meals to be delivered on a Wednesday. No freezing down food, always fresh, you are a client who knows quality!

We offer two options built onto our site for you to make modifications to your chosen meal pack as standard which are "no fish" and "no carbs". We want you to enjoy the food and value it offers so therefore are more than happy for you to drop us an email (help@prepfood.co.uk) with one more change to your requirements after your order is placed. With the meal packs we only accept a No, not a swap. Like for example no Sweet Potato, any other changes will mean your requirements are more specific and we wouldn't recommend you placing an order through us at this time. We have learnt through the pains of getting things wrong that simplicity in the kitchen with batch cooking is critical to over exceed our client expectations therefore we accept "we can't be everything to everyone".

It's not worth the extra sale to risk our high standards of customer satisfaction!

Please email us at help@prepfood.co.uk and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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