Terms and Conditions

Recurring orders - Cancelling / Refunds:

If payment has been taken for a recurring order then it cannot be refunded.  Once payment has been taken, stock is accounted for so the meals can be freshly prepared and cooked.  As perishable items cannot be restocked for resale, no refunds can be given.

If you wish to cancel the recurring order you can do so by logging into your PrepFood account and cancelling the order.  However, if the payment has already been taken then you will be cancelling the following week’s order and not the current one.  You can refuse the order but it will not be refunded.

If you cancel before the payment is taken then no funds will be taken and your order will be permanently cancelled.

By READING and AGREEING to the terms conditions of recurring payments and orders you are entering into a contract with PrepFood and you are confirming you fully understand the T&C’s.

Non- recurring orders:

If you place an order and you wish to cancel, you can only do so up to 3 days prior to the orders dispatch date and a full refund can then be issued.

Once the cancellation deadline passes then no refund can be given as ingredients have already been purchased.  Perishable items cannot be restocked and resold.

Under no circumstances will a refund be given after the three day cancellation period.
You will still receive the order as it has been paid for.  You have the right to refuse the order but no refund will be given.


Deliveries take place on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s between the hours 8am and 8pm.

If you are not available to receive delivery then we will leave your package in a safe place.  If you have not specified a safe place in the delivery instructions, then it will be left to our driver’s discretion.  If your parcel is left in a safe place or with a neighbour we will make you aware of this.

If a delivery attempt has been made and the consignment has been returned to our kitchen because there was no safe place to leave the package, or no alternative delivery instructions were provided, no refunds will be given and no replacement order will be sent out.  PrepFood will dispose of any food items so will not be able to restock perishable items.

The food is packed to stay chilled for 12 hours.

If you have not received your order on the date scheduled, or if your order has been delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, please notify PrepFood by emailing help@prepfood.co.uk with full details of your order.  We will investigate the matter and aim to reply within 24 hours.


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